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Some comment to some video

Putin was outside Russia in Germany when USSR had collapsed, so if to compare to Latvian Citizenship situation for Latvian Aliens = Non Citizens = People whom lost USSR Citizenship as USSR collapsed and lived in Latvia = Vladimir Putin would had some "Non-Citizen of Russia" status was he lived not in Russia but in Germany (having a German Security Agent Shtazee status, linking him to Germany by a place of living-working-ID German Security Agent). People in Latvia in some situation had not been named "Russian Citizens" if they had born in Russia (I was born in Russia Khabarovsk 1961 y, i was 12 yo coming to live in Latvia as a member of Russian Military Officer on his working duty "to occupate Latvia by Russian Dominant Political Power", so, i was named as a members of occupants of Russian Military Force in Latvia by my father's social/citizenship status - my both parents were Russian Citizens. Vladimir Putin and Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs blamed me "You are not ours!" on my ask about Russian Citizenship as to someone born in Russia, living as a child in Russia, educated on Russian language (schools-University-work-native language since 6 yo age). I was 2 months old my parents worked in Ukraine (a military family for Russia Dominant Power), Uzbekistan, 6 years in Russia (near China border, after Latvia. Putin blamed me "you are not ours!" for my mistake as 2 month new born baby girl not doing my Russian Passport to travel to Ukraine, for some for me in my 12 yo age. Putin had not blamed my parents - Russian Citizens, really, my father had a good Russian military pension, living in Latvia. I leaned some parents need to have children just to make a good career to look as a trusted. I had a refuse from Putin Administration were Putin employed a family of American Spies (they live in USA now), so, they read letters asking the help and they refused in any help. So, to work as a top-elite Putin Administration in Russia, better to be American/German/British spies 1st and you will have everything what you need for a living in Russia from USA/Russia/Putin Administration. Some was about my pension. USSR promised me my pension on my 55 yo age which was in 2016 yea r = 1. Latvia had not paid me as to "Latvian Alien" "Non Citizen of Latvia" 2. Russia had not paid me too (I am not living in Russia, ex-USSR or in Israel) = Russia pay ex-Soveit time pensions just to Jews, living in Israel. I am living in Izrael. I wrote asking to accept me to live in Israel so to start to receive my pension from my 55 yo-i am 59 to 60 now. Israel refused me as i am not a Jewish woman. I saw some Jewish surname 1.Betty Davis (my genetic cousins staying with Putin closed in Jewish Congress) 2. Goldstein is my 6.63 genetic cousin by Gedmatch.com so I have some Jewsih DNA links connections to my DNA geneticly. But Israel had not look for genetic DNA tests links, they ask the juridical papers proof document of having Jewish maternal ancestry, which is impossible to prove for any living in ex-USSR area with 1917 Revolution and etc events. I read that Adolph Hitler had his Jewish Father and he tried to move to live to Israel but Isralian Laws refused him to be accepted as Jews as his mother Klara Hitler was Austrian not Jewish woman. Jews accepts just Jews by maternal side. The lover of Hitler as Eva Braun (Brown) is a Jewish woman by her mtDNA, so, Adolph Hitler connected to Jews by his Jewish father and his wife-lover. Izrael Laws prefer to loss billions Jews in Holocaust 1933-1945 rigther to open dorrs for "mixed" having Jewish genes just by father's side whom Jews. People said Putin is connected to jewsih blood geneticly. So, Putin paid Russian pensions to Israel just, not to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, EU. So, 1st thing if to find whom protect you by their interests to Russia as CIa, Mi6, etc etc, better richest Hebreys family interests from Israel to be accepted by Putin for a good career in Russia. To poin on your connection to Russia as "My native language is Russian" "I was born in Russia, my parents moved out while i was a child to stay on own in Russia" "I was educated in Russia" is not what Putin wait from you to be a full welcome accepted as these worked opposite way to answer NO for him. DEpardie had not a word on Russia, was French actor male, he had not signed of French Citizenship - this all a point to be granted by Russian Citizenship by Putin/Russia. "to a male" "to be a boxer in UK/USA"
To do a good top up career is so easy with supporters and advisers especially professional advisers and supporters and whom paid for your each next step money to up. So, some fundraising. Putin said his remark "No" 1st by his question of "where had you been born? In Latvia?" making the answer "So, you Motherland was Latvia as a place you must do your life better here".

But really, if you wrote a letter-email to President Putin Administration, some American spies/British spies working here always may help you if you some American/British/etc spy with neds to work in Russia. Some people always replied NO to all others or "patriotic" as they hate "patriotic". Some, Putin may prefer money as a corruption system much more righter some "honest patriotic without any corruption ideas".

I asked to accept me for a Putin 's Program helping to Ex-USSR to move to live to work in Russia (any place as they put you where), - as a Primary School Teacher, as a Care assistant in any hospital, as a Cleaner to clean street, or working as University Degree on Russian in any business company in sale, retail, warehouse, travel companies. Russian Embassy staff refused me "You are much too old for us. We accept the young people, we need young people to move to Russia".

They advised me to find someone rich protector living in Russia 1st (so, American CIA/Mi6 staff probably). This means Russia is just USA colony without the official status as American Colony.

I was the ordinary Russian Ethnic woman, birth in Russia in 1961. Vladimir Putin refused me in Russian Citizenship as to "Latvian Alien" (Non-Citizen of Latvia since 1992), ex-Soviet Union Citizen, birth in Russia. Vladimir Putin so put my personnel gilt to cross Russia border after my birth as 10. 2 month old newborn baby girl in 1961 2) 12 yo girl in June 1979
My parents had Russian Citizenship - not me.

Russia blamed me as a child 2months old, 12 months old not to do Russian password before to cross Russia border.

I mean this is a reality of mind Vladimir Putin.

But some rules to him, ? Vladimir Putin was outside Russia in Germany when USSR collapsed and so no rights for Russian Citizenship by Latvian laws-Russian laws and so his "President of Russia" status is illegal = 1. he was outside USSR when USSR collapsed 2. he worked for another country Germany needs as German Spy = he had not juridical rights to work as President. He hided fact of working for another country Germany needs from Russians whom voted not knowing this.

So, Putin prefer similar to him, people working for needs of other countries.

Is this girl will work for needs Germany/Israel/USA/UK, - Putin will find some warm place of work in Russia: in his Administration as for American spies to make a humiliation of Russian Ethnic in Russia.

It needs to wait for Ksenia Sobchak as President of Russia if you a some female, as Putin prefer males to be accepted.
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