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Sutton Cemetery

Sutton Cemetery
Nottinghamshire, UK

Sutton Cemetery
Sutton War Memorial
Lammas Road Sutton-in-Ashfield, Ashfield District, Nottinghamshire, NG17 2ED UK, England
Sutton Cemetery
Sutton-in-Ashfield Cemetery Huthwaite Road Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 2EB UK, England
Opened in 1892

On News
local news
By Andrew Topping
13:06, 8 MAY 2020

Appalling' image showing couple having sex in Ashfield cemetery sparks outrage
'These disgusting creatures must be found and dealt with'

Appalling' image showing couple having sex in Ashfield cemetery sparks outrage
'These disgusting creatures must be found and dealt with'

Shocking images released on social media have shown a couple having sex in Sutton Cemetery, off Lammas Road and Huthwaite Road. Image: Charlie Ransford.

Leading politicians in a Nottinghamshire town have expressed their disgust after pictures emerged on social media of a couple having sex in a cemetery.

The incident is understood to have happened
at Sutton Cemetery,
at the junction of
Huthwaite Road and Lammas Road in Sutton-in-Ashfield,
and the images were published
on Thursday, May 7.

They have since been shared more than 1,000 times across Facebook,
sparking calls from both the area's MP and a council chief for the couple to be caught.

Lee Anderson,
Ashfield's MP,
described the incident at Sutton Cemetery as "filth" :

"I was made aware of this incident which allegedly took place in Sutton Cemetery via social media", he told Nottinghamshire Live.

"It has been a battle to get the cemeteries back open but I did not expect to see this sort of filth in a cemetery where many friends and members of my family are buried."

A view of Sutton Cemetery off Lammas Road and Huthwaite Road, where the alleged sex incident took place.
"In normal times it is bad enough but whilst we are seeing more funerals than usual you would think that people would have more respect.

"These disgusting creatures must be found and dealt with."

Councillor David Martin, Ashfield District Council's portfolio holder in charge of cemeteries, has also hit out at the incident.

"We've previously asked that residents respect our cemeteries after reopening them. We would like to repeat that on VE Day ", he said.

"We ask that only people wanting to remember their loved ones access them at this difficult time.

"This is wholly inappropriate behaviour. It is disrespectful and is clearly a public order offence. We are absolutely appalled."

Ashfield District Council took the decision to temporarily close its cemeteries on April 15 in response to government advice on the coronavirus lockdown.

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The council cited a rise in people congregating in the cemeteries and not socially distancing.

However, this decision was later reversed, with the council issuing guidance they should only be used for people paying respect to lost relatives.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police confirmed the incident was not reported to police.

The spokesperson added: “Nottinghamshire Police would always encourage anyone who has concerns that a criminal offence may have been committed to contact us through the correct channels so that this can be investigated.”

Anyone who saw the cemetery incident or has any information should call Nottinghamshire Police"

To this local thema simila some event

St John's with St Mary's Mansfield, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

From Wikipedia

St John's with St Mary's Church
Mansfield, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

St. John's Church was built in 1855-56 for £8,000. It was designed by the architect Henry Isaac Stevens.

It was consecrated by the Bishop of Lincoln Rt. Revd John Jackson on 29 July 1856.
Gally Knight had left a bequest of £6,000 for its construction, and the parishioners raised an additional £1,000. The Duke of Portland offered £1,000 for the erection of a parsonage-house.

The church suffered some embarrassment
in September 1866
when the incumbent,
Rev. J.T. Brameld, eloped with a young lady called Paulson,
and was thought to have emigrated to Australia.

On 8 February 1871,
a serious gas explosion occurred during a service.
Jeremiah Pool, the clerk, was examining the floor at the west end of the church with a wax taper, when the explosion took place.
Several people were injured.
The pews in the centre aisle of the west end were blown to fragments, and a portion of one of the stone pillars was sent through the roof. Several stained glass windows were damaged.

Historic England. "CHURCH OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST, ST JOHN STREET (1215129)". National Heritage List for England. Retrieved 4 January 2014.

Historic England. "WALL AND GATE PIERS TO CHURCHYARD OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST (1207189)". National Heritage List for England. Retrieved 24 December 2017.

"Consecration of St John's Church, Mansfield". Derby Mercury. England. 6 August 1856. Retrieved 21 December 2015 – via British Newspaper Archive.

"Elopement of a Clergyman". Shields Daily Gazette. England. 27 September 1866. Retrieved 21 December 2015 – via British Newspaper Archive

"Serious gas explosion in St John's Church, Mansfield".
Sheffield Daily Telegraph. England. 10 February 1871. Retrieved 21 December 2015
– via British Newspaper Archive.

Перевод Яндекса на русский:

на новостях
местные новости
Автор: Эндрю Топпинг
13: 06, 8 мая 2020 года

Ужасное " изображение, показывающее пару, занимающуюся сексом на кладбище Эшфилд, вызывает возмущение
- Эти отвратительные твари должны быть найдены и уничтожены.

Ужасное " изображение, показывающее пару, занимающуюся сексом на кладбище Эшфилд, вызывает возмущение
- Эти отвратительные твари должны быть найдены и уничтожены.

Шокирующие снимки, опубликованные в социальных сетях, показали пару, занимающуюся сексом на кладбище Саттон, недалеко от Ламмас-Роуд и Хатуэйт-Роуд. Изображение: Чарли Рэнсфорд.

Ведущие политики в Ноттингемширском городке выразили свое отвращение после того, как в социальных сетях появились фотографии пары, занимающейся сексом на кладбище.

Считается, что инцидент произошел
на кладбище Саттон,
на стыке
Хатуэйт-Роуд и Ламмас-Роуд в Саттон-Ин-Эшфилде,
и снимки были опубликованы
в четверг, 7 мая.

С тех пор они были разделены более 1000 раз через Facebook,
искрящиеся звонки как от местного депутата, так и от главы совета, чтобы пара была поймана.

Ли Андерсон,
Член парламента Ашфилда,
описал инцидент на кладбище Саттон как " грязь" :

"Мне стало известно об этом инциденте, который якобы произошел на кладбище Саттон через социальные сети", - сказал он в интервью Nottinghamshire Live.

"Это была битва за то, чтобы снова открыть кладбища, но я не ожидал увидеть такую грязь на кладбище, где похоронены многие друзья и члены моей семьи."

Вид на кладбище Саттон рядом с Ламмас-Роуд и Хатуэйт-Роуд, где якобы произошел секс-инцидент.

-В обычное время это достаточно плохо, но пока мы видим больше похорон, чем обычно, вы могли бы подумать, что люди будут иметь больше уважения.

- Эти отвратительные существа должны быть найдены и уничтожены."

Советник Дэвид Мартин, владелец портфеля Ашфилдского окружного Совета, отвечающий за кладбища, также ударил по этому инциденту.

"Мы уже просили жителей уважать наши кладбища после их открытия. Мы хотели бы повторить это в пятый день", - сказал он.

"Мы просим, чтобы в это трудное время к ним обращались только те, кто хочет помнить своих близких.

-Это совершенно неподобающее поведение. Это неуважение и явное нарушение общественного порядка. Мы совершенно потрясены."

Окружной Совет Ашфилда принял решение временно закрыть свои кладбища 15 апреля 2020 г. в ответ на рекомендации правительства о блокировании коронавируса.

Совет сослался на рост числа людей, собирающихся на кладбищах и не дистанцирующихся от общества.

Однако позже это решение было отменено, и совет дал указание использовать их только для людей, отдающих дань уважения потерянным родственникам.

Представитель полиции Ноттингемшира подтвердил, что инцидент не был сообщен в полицию.

Пресс-секретарь добавил: “полиция Ноттингемшира всегда будет поощрять всех, кто имеет опасения, что было совершено уголовное преступление, связаться с нами по правильным каналам, чтобы это можно было расследовать.”

Любой, кто видел инцидент на кладбище или имеет какую-либо информацию, должен позвонить в полицию Ноттингемшира"

К теме:

St John's with St Mary's Church,
Mansfield, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

Святого Иоанна со Святой Марии Мэнсфилд, Мансфилд, Ноттингемшир, Англия, Великобритания

из Википедии

Церковь Святого Иоанна с церковью Святой Марии
Мансфилд, Ноттингемшире, Англия, Великобритания

Церковь Святого Иоанна была построена в 1855-56 годах за 8000 фунтов стерлингов.
Он был спроектирован архитектором Генри Айзеком Стивенсом.

Он был освящен епископом Линкольнским преподобным
Джоном Джексоном
29 июля 1856 года.

Галли Найт завещала на его строительство 6000 фунтов,
а прихожане собрали еще 1000 фунтов.
Герцог Портлендский предложил 1000 фунтов стерлингов на строительство дома священника.

Церковь испытала некоторое смущение
в сентябре 1866 г.,
когда действующий президент,
Джей Ти Брамелд
сбежал с молодой леди по имени Полсон,
и считалось, что он эмигрировал в Австралию.

8 Февраля 1871 Года,
во время службы произошел серьезный взрыв газа.
Иеремия пул, клерк,
осматривал пол в западной части церкви
с помощью восковой свечи, когда произошел взрыв.
Несколько человек получили ранения.
Скамьи в центральном проходе Вест-Энда разлетелись вдребезги, и часть одной из каменных колонн пробила крышу. Несколько витражей были повреждены.

Историческая Англия. "ЦЕРКОВЬ СВЯТОГО ИОАННА БОГОСЛОВА, УЛИЦА СВЯТОГО ИОАННА (1215129)". Список национального наследия Англии. Проверено 4 Января 2014.

Историческая Англия. "ОПОРЫ СТЕНЫ И ВОРОТ НА КЛАДБИЩЕ СВЯТОГО ИОАННА БОГОСЛОВА (1207189)". Список национального наследия Англии. Проверено 24 Декабря 2017 Года.

"Освящение церкви Святого Иоанна, Мансфилд". Дерби Меркьюри. Англия. 6 августа 1856 года. Извлечено 21 декабря 2015 года-через архив британской газеты.

"Побег священника". Щиты Ежедневная Газета. Англия. 27 сентября 1866 года. Извлечено 21 декабря 2015 года-через архив британской газеты

"Серьезный взрыв газа в церкви Святого Иоанна, Мансфилд".
Шеффилд Дейли Телеграф. Англия. 10 февраля 1871 года. Извлечено 21 Декабря 2015 Года
- через архив британской газеты.

Historic England. "CHURCH OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST, ST JOHN STREET (1215129)". National Heritage List for England. Retrieved 4 January 2014.

Historic England. "WALL AND GATE PIERS TO CHURCHYARD OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST (1207189)". National Heritage List for England. Retrieved 24 December 2017.

"Consecration of St John's Church, Mansfield". Derby Mercury. England. 6 August 1856. Retrieved 21 December 2015 – via British Newspaper Archive.

"Elopement of a Clergyman". Shields Daily Gazette. England. 27 September 1866. Retrieved 21 December 2015 – via British Newspaper Archive

"Serious gas explosion in St John's Church, Mansfield".
Sheffield Daily Telegraph. England. 10 February 1871. Retrieved 21 December 2015
– via British Newspaper Archive.

Не каждый день кладбище или церковь
попадают в раздел новости.

Саттон на Ашфилде и Мансфилд два городка, притурившиеся бочком друг к другу,
образовав де-факто уже один город. Но иметь две порой лучше чем один,
даёт свои шансы сберечься и что-то сберечь, включая и память прошлого.

А далее мы немножка узнаем об этих двух-в-одном местах:
английское кладбище.

Английское кладбище мемориал времён Второй Мировой Войны
и кладбище с совеременными захоронениями, внутри единой общей ограды по периметру.


Вот, нас сразу заинтересует *На памяти Виктор Бут, из Таджикистана,
которого американская пресса дружно называла "русским" и "россиянином"
*Этак мы всех с американского штата Джорджиа станем называть "грузинами с Грузии", как английское название Грузии - Джорджия Georgia. Как и американский штат Джорджиа Geordgia.

Таджикистан, хотя и бывшая советская азиатская республика и государство,
Но сомневаюсь, чтобы таджики и граждане Таджикистана мило бы откликнулись
на американское приветливое к ним "русские" "россияне": Таджикистан это Таджикистан.

Живут в Таджикистане масса мусульман и масса таджиков. Очень интересные таджиские сказки, кто не читал в переводе, советую.

Виктор Бут относится к одному из крайне привлекательных заметных сексапильных мужчин современности, чтобы глаза женщин и мужчин могли бы равнодушно проскользить по его мужской фигуре, не замечая его. Мы видим налицо какое то уникальное смешение генов.

Кто не знает, кто такой Виктор Бут, напомню чуть чуть

Из Википедии

Бут, Виктор Анатольевич
Виктор Анатольевич Бут
(род. 13 января 1967, Душанбе, Таджикская ССР, СССР)

* Виктор А. Бут родился 13 января 1967, Душанбе, Таджикская ССР, СССР
* Моя мама родилась 31 января 1938 года в г.Куляб, Таджикская ССР, СССР
* Среди моих генетических кузенов есть татарин Юсупов, его мама Каримова. 4ая генетическая дистанция
* Род Каримовых был правящий род в Узбекистане, в Азии. Хотя не все однофамильцы имели отношение к власти или к правлению.

Виктор Анатольевич Бут
— российский предприниматель, осуждённый в 2012 году в США на 25 лет тюрьмы за намерение незаконно осуществить торговлю оружием и поддержку терроризма. Суд признал Бута виновным по нескольким пунктам обвинения, в том числе в сговоре с целью продажи оружия организации «Революционные вооружённые силы Колумбии — Армия народа» (ФАРК), которую американские власти считают террористической.

Сам Бут, находящийся в заключении с 6 марта 2008 года, свою вину не признаёт.

2008 + 25 = 2033 г.
2033 - 2020 = 13 лет - уже меньше 13 лет сидеть осталось. Больше 12 лет за решёткой в тюрьме США отсидел.

"Виктор Бут должен выйти из тюрьмы 2 февраля 2030 года"
9 лет и 1 месяц и 2 дня осталось ?

25 лет - 9 лет = 16 лет уж отсидел. Однако.

Западные средства массовой информации называют Бута
«оружейным бароном» и «торговцем смертью».
По утверждению некоторых российских СМИ, «спецслужбы США» считают его «одним из крупнейших нелегальных торговцев оружием в мире»

Бут, Виктор Анатольевич

Теперь смотрим.

Фамилию Бут можно перевести по разному

Boot, But, Bout

Выбрали неожиданный вариант: Bout

From Wikipedia

Viktor Bout ( Russian: Ви́ктор Анато́льевич Бут; born 13 January 1967) is a Russian arms dealer.

Victor Bout, an entrepreneur and former Soviet military translator, reportedly used his multiple air transport companies to smuggle weapons since the collapse of communism from Eastern Europe to Africa and the Middle East during the 1990s and early 2000s.)

Born Viktor Anatolyevich Bout (Виктор Анатольевич Бут)
13 January 1967 , Dushanbe, Tajik SSR, Soviet Union, Tajikkistan
Other names
Vadim Markovich Aminov,
Viktor Bulakin,
Victor Anatoliyevich Bout, Victor But, Viktor Budd, Viktor Butt

Since June 2012,
Viktor Bout has been held at the United States Penitentiary, Marion

In September 2013, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld Bout's conviction after rejecting his contention that he had been the victim of a vindictive prosecution and that there was no legitimate law enforcement reason to prosecute him.

As of 2014, former US Attorney General John Ashcroft is representing Bout in overturning his conviction via a new trial

Popular culture

The 2005 film 'Lord of War' is purportedly based on allegations about Bout's personal history and black-market activities.

A documentary about Bout, 'The Notorious Mr. Bout', from Market Road Films and directed by Tony Gerber and Maxim Pozdorovkin, received its premiere
at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

In 2007, Stephen Braun and Douglas Farah published a book about Bout:
'Merchant of Death: Money, Guns, Planes, and the Man Who Makes War Possible'.

In the US documentary series
'Damian Lewis: Spy Wars '
published in 2019 by A+E Networks, episode 7 titled 'The Merchant of Death'
portrays the story of Viktor Bout, the sting operation, capture, extradition and sentencing.


Victor Bout play his popularity role and on Russian culture: films, plays, poems, book:

According to Bout's wife, Viktor Bout was the prototype coordinator and sponsor of the escape of Russian pilots from the captivity of Taliban fighters in the film "Kandahar".

In 2014, Viktor Bout became the prototype of Anton Chub, one of the Central characters in the Russian multi-part TV movie "Professional".
This role was played by Sergey Zhigunov.

Bouth became the prototype for the arms dealer and supplier Andrey Shut in the novel "Equator"by Andrey tsapliyenko.

In 2010, the French writer Gerard de Villiers wrote the novel "The Bangkok trap", in which the prototype of the main character was Victor Bout.

In the same year 2010, Junna Moritz published poems about Bout
"The Ballad of the Pilot" (2010)"

Translation of Russian poem by Yandex Translator

Junna Moritz

Ballad of the pilot

Beautiful pilot Viktor Bout,
The cowboys will get it,
Turning on cowboy sweepstakes
Into such a devilish net,
Where the Thai judges to okoset
You'll have to face it from the inside out.

Beautiful pilot Viktor Bout
Thai chains shod
In a prison of cruel crooks.
Thais have secret auctions,
The cowboys will write off their debts,
Give a flock of helicopters.

Beautiful pilot Viktor Bout, -
Cowboys need an attribute
This Russian scale,
To assert power over us,
Who has the right to steal
The fate of not only the Arab.

Beautiful pilot Viktor Bout,
I love it when you're brazenly cool,
Going to trial in chains!.. By God,
Your smile is a light in the window,
Where are the secrets I know,
Give protection and help.

Beautiful pilot Viktor Bout,
Cowboys scratch furiously, -
You were put on the counter!..
Would your country be strong,
They would have sent cowboys to…
However, money to hell,
But there is no country, beautiful pilot

* I think, Moric
had meaning some word
as "a beautiful" "attractive" "sexy" "handsome" "nice looking"

More wider, this word named "the beautiful" "attractive"
whom is a kind, nice personality, "a light bright person".

* and she wrote her opinion, - no a country (Russia, USA)
to believe and fight for this all , some as money had a loss of a valuation if these money are "dirty".

Translated from the article on Russian

I was an emotional ,
as I am Russian Ethnic, ex-Soviet, from Latvian Russians, "Latvian Aliens"
We all had a collapse of our state USSR, the whole economical links,
collapse of bank, a bank crises, a new start of a wild capitalism new rules.
British people my remember own feeling on a collapse of British Impair,
we had more worse situation, as each had some money, no savings mostly,
it was a hard to survive. Some died.
Ex-USSR area copied the Wild Western American style of wild capitalism.
I am really sorry, someone from all our Soviet people started to like money
to make things he did to upset USA Laws.
But look, Victor But was similar to Captain Butler in "Gone by The Wind".
So, really, America had judged Captain Butler on 25 years in American prison Marriot.
Some, as Captain Butler had by a book of Margarett Mitchell "Gone by a Wind"/

Not each baby has his birth as a Royal Prince in a Palaces with a huge savings to spend.
I sure, Laws said right: he was a wrong, doing something wrong.

Real men , plenty of them, some.

My poem in Yandex automatic translation attempt, from Russian

May 11, 2015
United Kingdom, Nottinghamshire
Dedicated To Viktor Anatolyevich Bout
Dedicated to Mr Viktor Bout/Viktor Anatolyevich Bout

Captain Of A Pirate Ship

Captain Of A Pirate Ship
On the planet Earth stopped by.
But fate was sad -
He started shooting right away.
He fired , and she was killed,
Who is completely innocent of everything.
Who is behind the screen, could,
Losing your life overnight.
And flew only a moment, to see -
What is it? around that bend?
There were pirates running at the noise,
A child is being smuggled in the hold.
As the last SIP of breath
A vision flashed through the world of Tom, -
Her house is near the river in the distance,
And flowers and grass near the house.

******************************* -
November 4, 2014
Dedicated To Viktor Anatolyevich Bout
Dedicated to Mr Viktor Bout/Viktor Anatolyevich Bout


There was a young eagle behind bars,
A cloud passed over the mountain
Brought rain, wind and snow,
The weather changed. His sides trembled.

There were men and shivered: it's so cold!
"I can't get home!" Warm up with wine!
And the one who is in prison, inside there, is not cold.
No wine was given. And only hiccups.

His wife and friends remembered him.
And mother native - that here or there.
And instead of weather-in prison all sitting.
He was crying to people: "Why did I disappear?"

And my young years have passed!
On stupidity spent, like pennies.
On the outside of men, and women are full of them,
Freedom to go, just like in the movies.

Left - right-wherever you want.
Get drunk and get a woman warm!
Did he cry about the share? what didn't you look for?
Did he feel sorry for himself? Or-as there decided?

Go back all the way - he would have repeated everything?
Did he repent? what? And did he love himself?
But what about the others? What went into the ground?
It's worse for them, isn't it? And so it is without them.

The young eagle grieved-longed:
"The judge was wrong! And he didn't know something!
And if I tell him the truth! Let go!
Free! Where I want to go!

A cloud in the sky rained.
The water poured down, soaking everything around.
And there were tears or even urine
From Angels, pure, from heaven, like dew.

* I do not know Englisj well and good enough ne able to make a translation on English or correct mistakes of translation. I am as a blind here.


On Russian

"Виктор Бут,
Образы в культуре

В 2005 году Виктор Бут стал прототипом главного героя фильма
«Оружейный барон» (США). Его роль сыграл Николас Кейдж.

По словам жены Бута, Виктор выступил прототипом координатора и спонсора побега российских лётчиков из плена боевиков Талибана в фильме «Кандагар».

В 2014 году Виктор Бут стал прототипом Антона Чуба, одного из центральных персонажей российского многосерийного телевизионного фильма «Профессионал».
Эту роль сыграл Сергей Жигунов.

В 2007 году Стивен Браун и Дуглас Фара опубликовали книгу о Буте
«Merchant of Death: Money, Guns, Planes, and the Man Who Makes War Possible».

Бут стал прототипом для торговца и поставщика оружия Андрея Шута в романе Андрея Цаплиенко «Экватор».

В 2010 году французский писатель Жерар де Вилье написал роман «Бангкокская ловушка», в котором прототипом главного героя послужил Виктор Бут.

В том же 2010 году Юнна Мориц опубликовала стихи о Буте "Баллада о лётчике""

Юнна Мориц

Баллада о лётчике

Красивый лётчик Виктор Бут,
Его ковбойцы загребут,
Включив ковбойские подлянки
В такую дьявольскую сеть,
Где судьям тайским окосеть
Придётся личиком с изнанки.

Красивый лётчик Виктор Бут
Цепями тайскими обут
В тюрьме жестоких живоглотов.
У тайцев – тайные торги,
Ковбойцы спишут им долги,
Подарят стайку вертолётов.

Красивый лётчик Виктор Бут, -
Ковбойцам нужен атрибут
Такого русского масштаба,
Чтоб утвердить над нами власть,
Имеющую право красть
Судьбу не только у араба.

Красивый лётчик Виктор Бут,
Люблю, когда ты нагло крут,
Идя на суд в цепях!.. Ей богу,
Твоя улыбка – свет в окне,
Где тайны, ведомые мне,
Дают защиту и подмогу.

Красивый лётчик Виктор Бут,
Ковбойцы яростно скребут, -
Тебя поставили на счётчик!..
Была б сильна твоя страна,
Послали бы ковбойцев на…
Однако, денег до хрена,
Но нет страны, красивый лётчик


I was emotional too, writing some my poems on Russian
on these old age time of all events.

Poems By me, dedicated to Victor But

Я тоже сочиняла стихи тогда, на эмоциях:


11 мая 2015
Великобритания, Ноттингемшире
Посвящается Виктору Анатольевичу Буту
Dedicated to Mr Viktor Bout/Viktor Anatolyevich Bout

Капитан Пиратского Корабля

Капитан Пиратского Корабля
На планету Земля заехал.
Но судьба печальна была -
Сразу сходу стрелять он затеял.
Он стрелял - и убита она,
Кто совсем ко всему непричастна.
Кто собой заслонила, смогла,
Потеряв свою жизнь в одночасье.
И летела лишь миг, посмотреть, -
Что же там? вот за тем поворотом?
Там бежали пираты на шум,
Контрабандой в трюме ребёнок.
Как последний глоточек вздохнуть
В мире том промелькнуло виденье, -
Дом её у реки вдалике,
И цветы, и трава рядом с домом.

******************************* -
4 Ноября 2014
Посвящается Виктору Анатольевичу Буту
Dedicated to Mr Viktor Bout/Viktor Anatolyevich Bout


Сидел за решёткой Орёл молодой,
А тучка промчалась там за горой
Дожди принесла, ветра и снега,
Менялась погода. Дрожали бока.

Шли люди и зябли: - Как холодно!
- До дома б добраться! Согреться б вином!
А тот кто в тюряге, внутри там, не зяб.
Вина не давали. И только икал.

Его вспоминали, жена и друзья.
И мама родная - что тут или там.
И вместо погоды - в тюрьме всё сидя.
Он плакался людям: - Зачем я пропал!

И годы мои молодые прошли!
На глупость потрачены, типа гроши.
На воле мужчины, и баб там полно,
Свобода идти, ну прям как в кино.

Налево - направо - куда захотеть.
Напиться б допьяну и бабу б согреть!
Он плакал о доле? что не искал?
Себя он жалел? Иль - как там решал?

Вернись всё назад - то он всё б повторил?
Он каялся ль? в чём? И себя ль он любил?
А как же другие? Что в землю ушли?
Ведь им то похуже? И так же - без них.

Орёл Молодой горевал - тосковал:
- Судья был не прав! И он что-то не знал!
И если я правду ему расскажу! Отпустит!
На волю! Куда так хочу!

А тучка на небе пролилась дождём.
Вода ливанула, намочив всё кругом.
И были то слёзы иль даже моча
От Ангелов, чистой, с небес, как роса.

Инна Тигги
Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин / Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin

05:18, 11 мая 2015
Бут поздравил россиян с Днем Победы из американской тюрьмы

Версии перевода Je suis 9/11

Дело Бута. Нюансы

Виктор Бут Виктор Анатольевич Бут
Viktor Bout Viktor Anatolyevich Bout

Марион (тюрьма)
Исправительная тюрьма Марион, расположенная близ Мариона, Иллинойс
The United States Penitentiary, Marion (USP Marion)

6 Посвящение
Посвящается Виктору Анатольевичу Буту

Посвящается американскому заключённому на 25 лет в тюрьму в США Виктору Анатольевичу Буту, российскому гражданину, родившемуся в Таджикистане 13 января 1967 года, осуждённому американским судом к 25 годам тюременого заключения, с отбытием срока с июня 2002 в американской тюрьме - Исправительной тюрьме Марион, расположенной близ Мариона, Иллинойс — бывшая тюрьма супермаксимальной безопасности, построенная и открытая в 1963 для того чтобы заменить тюрьму Алькатрас (Сан-Франциско), закрытую в этом же году - его регистрационный номер 91641-054

The Dedication
Dedicated to Mr Viktor Bout/Viktor Anatolyevich Bout

Dedicated to American prisoner Mr Viktor Bout/Viktor Anatolyevich Bout/Vadim Markovich Aminov/Viktor Bulakin/Victor Anatoliyevich Bout/Victor But/Viktor Budd/Viktor But/Viktor Boot/Viktor Buet/Viktor Bout/Виктор Бут, --- Виктор Анатольевич Бут/Viktor Anatolyevich Bout - Mr Viktor Bout, Russian Citizen, the birth in Tadzhikistan on 13 January 1967, whom was convicted by a jury in a Manhattan federal court in USA, and was sentenced on 5 April 2012 to 25 years, and whom was transferred to the prison - The United States Penitentiary, Marion, Illinois, USA in June 2012, his Register Number 91641-054.

Русская пословица
От тюрьмы и от сумы не зарекайся - русская пословица


Капитан Пиратского Корабля

А вот теперь сравним
с английски Бутом:

можете поехать и посетить
наше мемориальное кладбище в Саттоне:

Bet now we will turn away from "Russian" Viktor Bout /Viktor But / Vicktor Boot
back to British Boot, But, Butler, -

- so Sutton WWI Military Memorial Cemetery in Sutton-in-Ashfield



Уильям Бут (1885 - 1919)
W.J. Boot (1885 - 1919)
William Boot (1885 - 1919)

"Boot = Бут, английская фамилия"

"Boot, Booth, But, Butler DNA and my DNA, compare"

More others names from Sutton Cemetery in Sutton-in-Ashfield

Almer Syson
(03.08.1934 - 15.06.2020 (85))
Buried Service 10.07.2020
He left his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren.
He loved them all very much.
He was a miner on a pension, adding some gardening work help on a top.
My friend, my known for 5 years, we lived on some street in Sutton-in-Ashfield,
i was lived here since 2010, meeting him in 2015, washing and cleaning windows
of my property. He , Sy, was on a bike.
Plenty Suttoniers knew his figure on a bike, or enjoying to sit to drink a cup of tea,
talking with knowns or just, enjoying his day.

I paid my money, making genetic tests for Mr Almer Syson.
I was so valued this jentelman.
His mtDNA was T2c1b, delivered from Daisy Miriam Causer, his mother.
His YDNA was R-Z282, delivered from Enoh Lancelot Syson, his father.

I checked our both DNA, compare by FF FTDNA, 23andME, Gedmatch,com tools
we are not related as a genetic cousins,

but we had some similar cross traces , some similar surnames of our genetic cousins were,
so, links via his and my genetic cousins had lightly presented,

not closed and strong, but presenting.

I leaned my and his geneology a lot, listened all his family old story
about a life of him and others here.

I was thinking to collect all story how people lived locally in Sutton-in-Ashfield, ...
via a time, and about their favourit food,
and to publish as a small local issey.

Mr Almer Syson said me a lot local history, making the interest for me to live here.

We had a walk near a local lake. I drew birds, showing my picture - he liked this.

Mr Almer Syson helped me a lot, by his stories, his emotional support, he was a kind man,
i may came any time, asking a help, or to borrow some money on 0% credit loan line till the next monthly payment. He alsways granted my ask to help to me a positive way.

I tried to pay back, helping with some shopping.

I liked to spend a time with Mr Almer Syson, in his garden area,
or inside of his home on a cold winter-etc time.

We celebreted own New year together. This was as especial NY for me.

He tried to up me. He was just a kind person and a man, he helped to plenty locals.

But all stopped and all was so suddenly for me, i was sure about another way of events
and that Mr Almer Syson, Sy, will live for much much longer, - he was so especial man.

Keep in the peace!


Others would be not known to me
and not my closed relatives or relatives,

but i will add some my genetic information linked
to similar surnames , for some of them.

I try to show to our local British Ethnic Group people
some hidden new things about people of Russian Ethnic
from Russia-Siberia-Latvia
as their own potencial genetic cousins,
just talked on another native languages
as a result of history and all events.

I just started to do this,
i do not plan to add to each all surname this,
just for a couple surname in list.


Names on Memorial in Sutton Cemetery in Sutton-in-Ashfield
BW Adams - Benjamin William Adams

EL Adams - Ernest Leonard Adams

My DNA connected
to my 23 genetic cousins "ADAMS"

4th Cousin - Remote Cousin x 1 genetic cousin, male, 32cM - 11 cM, Ancestry: Adams
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin x 22 genetic cousins , (8 females and 14 males), Ancestry: Adams
X-match x 3 genetic cousins (3 females), Ancestry: Adams

JG Adkin - John George Adkin

My DNA connected
to my 5 genetic cousins "Adkin" (2 males + 3 females)

4th Cousin - Remote Cousin, male, 32cM - 15 cM, X-match, Ancestry: Adkin
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, female, 30cM - 9 cM, X-match, Ancestry: Adkin
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, female, 27cM - 8 cM, X-match, Ancestry: Adkin
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, male, 24cM - 8 cM, , Ancestry: Adkin
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, female, 21cM - 8 cM, X-match, Ancestry: Adkin
X-match x 4 genetic cousins ( 1 male and 3 females), Ancestry: Adkin
JG Allatt - John Allatt
E Allsop - Ernest Allsop
GF Allsop - George Frederick Allsop
GW Allsop - George William Allsop
H Allsop - Horace Allsop
G Allsop - Sampson George Allsop
T Alvey - Tom Alvey
S Antill - Sibery Antill
C Bacon - C Bacon
My DNA connected
to my 2 genetic cousins "BACON" (2 females)
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, female, 30cM - 9 cM, X-match, Ancestry: Bacon
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, female, 27cM - 8 cM, X-match, Ancestry: Bacon
X-match x 2 females, Ancestry: Bacon
W Baggaley - Wilfred Baggaley
L Baguley - Leonard Baguley

W Baguley - William Baguley
My DNA connected to Baguley
to my 1 genetic cousin "BAGULEY" ( 1 male )
4th Cousin - Remote Cousin, male, 32cM - 11cM, Ancestry: Baguley

S Baines - S Baines
G Baldwin - George Baldwin

George Baldwin
G Baldwin
(1887 - 17.07.1916)

Born in 1887, in Bradmore, Nottinghamshire
Died 17 Jul 1916 (29 yo)

Family History

He was the son of
John and Eliza Baldwin
and the brother of
Charles and Harry Baldwin.

In 1911

they lived
Silk Street
(Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire)

and later at
42 Coburn Street
(Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire).


He was a gas works labourer.

Date of death 17 Jul 1916
Age at death 29
Commonwealth Grave No
2750748 - CWGC Website
Name and Rank
Service Number: 16290
Regiment & Unit/Ship
Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
11th Bn.
Date of Death
Died 17 July 1916
Age 29 years old
Buried or commemorated at
A. J. 1216.
United Kingdom
Country of Service
United Kingdom
Additional Info
Son of John and Eliza Baldwin, of 42, Coburn St., Sutton-in-Ashfield.
Service number 16290
Rank Private
Military Unit 11th Bn Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment)

Military History


George Baldwin,
served with
the 11th Battalion Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment,
he was wounded in action (WWI time)
on 1st July 1916.

11th Sherwoods / The 11th (Service) Battalion (WWI time battle)
August 1915 - Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
on 1st Jul 1916 - The Sommes, France

"on 1st Jul 1916 - WWI time -
11th Sherwoods
on The Somme, France"

(The War Time Memory Project)

"The 11th (Service) Battalion
landed at
Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
as part of the 70th Brigade in the 23rd Division
in August 1915
before transferring to Italy in November 1917
and then to France in September 1918." (Wikipedia)

11th Sherwoods / The 11th (Service) Battalion (WWI time battle)
August 1915 - Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
on 1st Jul 1916 - The Sommes, France

Western Front (World War I), France

"Among the most costly of these offensives were

the Battle of Verdun,
in 1916,
with a combined 700,000 casualties

the Battle of the Somme,
in 1916,
more than a million casualties

the Battle of Passchendaele (Third Battle of Ypres),
in 1917,
with 487,000 casualties
(estimated)" (From Wikipedia)

Western Front (World War I)

On Russian
Википедия , статья на английском:

"Западный Фронт (Первая Мировая Война), Франция

"Среди наиболее дорогостоящих из этих наступательных операций были:

Битва при Вердене,
в 1916 году,
с общим числом жертв 700 000 человек

Битва на Сомме,
в 1916 году,
более миллиона жертв

Битва при Пасхендале (третья битва при Ипре),
в 1917 году,
с 487 000 жертв
(из Википедии)"


Намного больше 2х миллионов человек мужчин
убитых в битве при Вердене, Сомме и Пасхендале
во Франции
во время 1ой мировой войны,
там же тогда при битве при Сомме
был ранен и затем умер, уже эвакуированный в Англию,
Джордж Болдвин (George Baldwin),
Саттон Кладбище
в Саттон-на Ашфилде в Ноттингемшире, Англия.

Это же жутко! Сколько же было убито
в 1ую Мировую, в 2ую Мировую.

А кого-то чешется это опять всё продолжить.

Продолжу о Джордже Болдене (George Baldwin)

George Baldwin

Evacuated to England,
George Baldwin
died of his wounds
at the Victoria Hospital, Stretford
on 17th July 1916 ,
he was age 29 y.o. age.

George Baldwin
was buried at
Sutton-in-Ashfield Cemetery
on 22nd July 1916.

Extra Information

Published on 28th July 1916
in the Mansfield Reporter and Sutton Times :-



“With full military honours, the remains of the late Private Geo.
Baldwin, whose home was in Silk-street, Sutton,
were laid to rest in the Cemetery on Saturday afternoon. [22nd July 1916]

As mentioned in our last issue,
Pte. Baldwin
was wounded in the head by shrapnel
on July 1st, [1916]
and died
in Stretford Hospital last week.

He was 29 years of age and single,
and was formerly engaged as a stoker at the Sutton Gasworks.

He enlisted in the 11th Battalion Sherwood Foresters in October, 1914.

“The internment on Saturday afternoon
was witnessed by a very large concourse of people,
the last rites being conducted by
the Rev. H. V. Turner.
The body was conveyed to the Parish Church
on a gun-carriage and was covered by the Union Jack –
the flag for which Pte. Baldwin had fought and died –
whilst a firing party and bearers
(in command of
2nd Lieut. Denison (K.O.Y.L.I.)
together with the regimental band
(Bandmaster-Sergeant Allison)
were in attendance from Clipstone Camp.

“The service in church was of an impressive character;
the well-known hymn “Abide with Me,”
was sung by the congregation,
and the organist played
the Dead March and “O, Rest in the Lord.”

Headed by the processional cross and borne by soldiers,
the coffin was subsequently carried reverently to the cemetery,
where the Citizen Army under Lieut. E. S. B. Hopkin
were drawn up round the grave.
After the firing of the customary volley over the grave,
the “Last Post” was sounded.

“The chief mourners were: –

Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin, father and mother;
William and Eliza Baldwin, brother and sister;
Charlie and Pattie Baldwin, brother and sister;
Harry and Dina, brother and sister;
Luke and Mary Ann Bateman, uncle and aunt;
Tom and Sally Stocks, uncle and aunt;
Tom and Sally Stocks, uncle and aunt;
Annie and George Stocks, cousins;
Annie Stocks, cousin;
Mr. and Mrs. Brown, cousins;
Mr. and Mrs. Orton, Joe, Edith Orton,
Fred Oscroft and A. Gregory, friends.

“Floral tributes were sent by Mother and Father; Charlie, Harry and Pattie, brothers and sister; Uncle Luke and Aunt Mary Ann Bateman; William and Eliza Baldwin, brother and Sister; Uncle; Cousin Gerty; Cousin Ethel; Staff at the Victoria Hospital, Stretford; Fellow-workers at Gasworks; Mr. Slack, Devonshire Arms; Mr. and Mrs. J. Walton; Made and Rawlins Walton; Friends from Silk-street; Miss A. Smith; Miss Cudworth; Mrs. Hickling; Mr. Fred Oscroft.

“The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. A. Walton.”

Above article is courtesy of Jim Grundy and his facebook pages
Small Town Great War Hucknall 1914-1918 .
Remembered on
Sutton in Ashfield - Cemetery War Memorial as G Baldwin
Sutton in Ashfield - Jct Mansfield Road & Downing Street War Memorial as G Baldwin

G Baldwin - George Baldwin


Baldwin DNA and me by FF FTDNA

5th Cousin - Remote Cousin x 6 in FF FTDNA

39 cM - 9 cM, male, Ancestry: Baldwin
33 cM - 8 cM, male, Ancestry: Baldwin
31 cM - 8 cM, male, Ancestry: Baldwin
27 cM - 8 cM, X-match, female, Ancestry: Baldwin
24 cM - 8 cM, male, Ancestry: Baldwin
21 cM - 8 cM, X-match, female, Ancestry: Baldwin

5th Cousin - Remote Cousin x 6 genetic cousins Baldwin Ancestry in FF FTDNA
X-match x2 genetic cousins (2 females) Baldwin Ancestry in FF FTDNA

to me (my father's name Balzin)

11th Bn Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment)
on on 1st July 1916 was .... where ?
"on 1st Jul 1916, WWI - 11th Sherwoods on The Somme, France"


From Wikipedia

Sherwood Foresters

"The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
was a line infantry regiment of the British Army
in existence for just under 90 years, from 1881 to 1970.
The lineage of the Sherwood Foresters is now continued by
The Mercian Regiment."

"The 11th (Service) Battalion
landed at Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
as part of the 70th Brigade in the 23rd Division in August 1915
before transferring to Italy in November 1917
and then to France in September 1918."

"The Sherwood Foresters Museum
is based in Nottingham Castle.
The Derby Museum and Art Gallery
the Soldier's Story Gallery,
based on the collections, amongst others,
of the Sherwood Foresters"

Sherwood Foresters

Military Casualties
Western Front 1914–1918
Nationality Killed Wounded P.O.W.
France 1,300,000 c. 3,000,000 508,000
UK 512,600 1,528,500 223,600
Belgium 38,200 44,700 10,200
Australia 48,900 130,900 —
Canada 56,400 149,700 —
New Zealand 12,900 34,800 —
South Africa 3,250 8,720 2,220
India 6,670 15,750 1,090
Portugal 1,690 13,750 6,680
USA 51,800 230,100 4,430
Italy 4,500 7,500 —
Russia 4,542 — —
Siam 19 — —
Allies ~2,041,000 ~5,163,000 —
Germany 1,493,000 3,116,000 774,000
Austria-Hungary 779 13,113 5,403
Central Powers ~1,495,000 ~3,126,000 ~779,00
Grand Total 3,536,000 8,262,000 —

1ая Мировая Война
военные потери: 1914-1918 гг
3 536 000 убито
3 миллиона 536 тысячи (военных) убито
8 миллионов 262 тысячи (военных) ранено

1 миллион 300 тысяч французких военных убито
3 милллиона французких военный ранено

F Ball - Frederick Ball

F Ball - Frederick Ball
(1895, Selston, Nottinghamshire - 1 July 1917, France, WWI ( 22 y.o. age))

b. in 1895 in Selston Nottinghamshire

Frederick Ball
was killed in action in France during WWI
'on or since'
1 July 1917 ( 22 y.o. age).

Frederick Ball
is buried in
Loos British Cemetery,
Pas de Calais (grave ref. VI.A.13),

Frederick Ball

Remembered on
Sutton in Ashfield - Cemetery War Memorial as F Ball
Sutton in Ashfield - Jct Mansfield Road & Downing Street War Memorial as F Ball

Place of birth
Selston Nottinghamshire

Family History
Frederick Ball
is described on the CWGC record as
the son of Hannah Cuckson (nee Ball).

However, on the 1901 and 1911 Census when Frederick Ball was living with Hannah and her husband, Frederick Cuckson, he was described as Frederick Cuckson's nephew.

Hannah was Frederick Ball's legatee and was described on the army record as his aunt.
Frederick and Hannah's gravestone in Skegby St Andrew also commemorates Frederick and on the gravestone he is described as 'Frederick Cuckson' and as Frederick Cuckson's son.

Hannah Ball
was born in Bagthorpe, Nottinghamshire, and in 1881 at the age of 11 was living with her parents, Joseph (34), a coal miner, and Rebecca (32) in Selston.
Hannah Ball
had six siblings:
Thomas H (15), a coal miner, William (13), Bessie (9), Mary (7), George (3) and Luke (2).
With the exception of Luke who was born in Coalville, Leicestershire, all the children were born in Bagthorpe, Nottinghamshire.

Hannah Ball
Frederick Cuckson (b. abt 1865, Skegby)
in 1889 (A/M/J Mansfield) and their daughter, Rebecca, was born the same year and baptised on 18 December 1889 (Skegby). According to the 1911 Census when Hannah and Frederick had been married for 21 years they had had two children of whom only one (Rebecca) survived.

In 1891
Frederick Cuckson (25) a coal miner, and
Hannah (21) were living on
Mansfield Road, Skegby,
with their daughter Rebecca (1).

Also in the household on the night of the census were
two lodgers,
Henry Cuckson (65, b. Stoke on Trent) a widower, and
Harry Cuckson (21, b. Selston) a single man, both of whom were farm labourers.

Frederick Ball
was probably born in 1894 (O/N/D Mansfield)
and by 1901
the six-year old
was recorded in the household of Frederick and Hannah Cuckson along with their daughter, Rebecca (12).

Rebecca married Edward Lewis (b. Beeston) in 1910 (J/F/M Mansfield)
and in 1911 they were both living at
12 Lime Street, Sutton in Ashfield,
with her parents and Frederick Ball (16) hosiery hand (cotton).
Frederick Cuckston was still working as a miner (stall man).

Frederick Cuckson died on 29 October 1921 (December Mansfield) aged 56 and his wife
Hannah on 23 March 1949 (March Mansfield) aged 80.

Rebecca Lewis (nee Cuckson) may have died in 1969 (Jun Mansfield) aged 79 (b. 1889) and her husband Edward Lewis (b. Beeston) in 1962 (Dec Mansfield) aged 74 (b. 1888).


Frederick Ball
was a cotton hand.
Date of death 01 Jul 1917
Age at death 22
Commonwealth Grave No
562037 - CWGC Website
Service number 71613
Address given on enlistment
He was living in Sutton in Ashfield
when he enlisted in Mansfield.
Rank Private
Military Unit
2nd Bn Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment)
Military History
Formerly 2220.

Frederick Ball
served in France from 2 March 1915.

Frederick Ball
was killed in action two years later 'on or since'
1 July 1917.

Frederick Ball
is buried in Loos British Cemetery, Pas de Calais (grave ref. VI.A.13), France.

He qualified for the 1915 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal.

Extra Information

Skegby St Andrew, inscription on family headstone:
‘In loving memory of Frederick, the beloved husband of Hannah Cuckson, who entered into rest Oct. 29th 1921, aged 56 years. Also of Pte. Frederick Cuckson, son of the above, who was killed in action in France July 1st 1917, aged 22 years. And of Hannah Cuckson beloved wife & mother. Reunited March 23rd 1945 aged 80 years.’

Registers of Soldiers' Effects: 'aunt Hannah Cuckson sole legatee.'

F Ball - Frederick Ball

Frederick Ball
was killed in action two years later 'on or since'
1 July 1917, on his 22 y.o. age.

Frederick Ball
is buried in
Loos British Cemetery,
Pas de Calais (grave ref. VI.A.13),

Frederick Ball

Remembered on
Sutton in Ashfield - Cemetery War Memorial as F Ball
Sutton in Ashfield - Jct Mansfield Road & Downing Street War Memorial as F Ball

F Ball - Frederick Ball

Translated on Russian
Перевод Яндексом и мной:
Фредерик Болл (Frederick Ball)

Фредерик Болл (Frederick Ball)

1895 года рождения

Фредерик Болл
погиб в бою во Франции во время Первой мировой войны
"на или с тех пор"
1 июля 1917 года
(в 22 года).

Фредерик Болл
похоронен в
Лоос (Лус) Британское Кладбище,
(могила исх. Ви.А.13),

Фредерик Болл
мемориальные места в Великобритании:
Саттон на Ашфилде - кладбище - военный мемориал, как G Ball
Саттон на Ашфилде - пересечение Мэнсфилд-Роуд и Даунинг-стрит, военный мемориал, как G Ball

Жил в Саттон-еа-Ашфилде по переписи населения по адресу:

12 Lime Street, Sutton in Ashfield

F Ball - Frederick Ball


and my 19 genetic cousins
with their ancestry Ball surname by FF FTDNA:

4th Cousin - Remote cousin x 1 (male), 32 cM - 11 cM, Ancestry: Ball, ..
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin x 18, with their Ancestry: Ball, ...
X- match x 5 genetic cousins with their Ancestry: Ball, ..
x1 : Ballard, my 5th Cousin - Remote Cousin , 32cM - 9 cM
W Barksby - William Barksby

G Barnes - George Barnes

CJ Barratt - Cyril James Barratt

R Barton - Richard Barton

G Bath - George Bath

AE Baugh - Albert Edward Baugh

SJ Baugh - Squire James Baugh

G Bean - George Bean

WH Bean - William Henry Bean

TF Beardall - Thomas Frederick Beardall

WE Beardsley - William Ernest Beardsley

AE Beastall - Albert Beastall

G Beastall - George Beastall

J Berresford - Joseph Beresford

G Berry - George Berry

S Berry - Samuel Berry

E Bills - Ernest Bills

WJ Bills - William James Bills

B Binch - Bertie Binch

JW Bird - Joseph William Bird

FF Birks - Felvus Frederick Birks

AE Blinkhorn - Alfred Blinkhorn

H Blinkhorn - Harry Blinkhorn

J Blythe - Josiah Blythe

GAG Bonser - Geoffrey Alwyn Gershom Bonser

WJ Boot - William Boot

WJ Booth - WJ Booth

H Bowler - Harold Bowler

V Bradder - Verney Bradder

T Bradford - Thomas Bradford

RE Bradshaw - Robert Edward Bradshaw

FW Brailsford - Frank William Brailsford

G Brailsford - George Brailsford

JE Bramley - John Edward Bramley

S Bramley - Samuel Bramley

AI Brammer - Albert Irving (Iving) Brammer

A Brassington - Arthur Brassington

T Breedon - Thomas Breedon

WH Briggs - William Henry Briggs

C Brown - Clarence Brown

JHT Brownlow - John Henry Toon Brownlow

J Buckland - John Leslie Buckland

J Buckley - John Buckley

W Buckley - Walter Buckley

F Bucklow - Fred Bucklow

SW Bunfield - Samuel William Bunfield

D Burgess - David Burgess

E Burton - Edward Burton

JG Burton - John George Burton

S Burton - Stephen Burton

H Butler
Horace Butler

H Butler - Horace Butler
(b. about 1898, Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire, England -
d. 29.04.1917 (19 yo age))
Country of Service
United Kingdom

Buried or commemorated at
France, WWI casualties
Pas de Calais
Number of casualties: 34758 (Total identified casualties)
The Arras Memorial is in the Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery, which is in the Boulevard du General de Gaulle in the western part of the town of Arras. The cemetery is near the Citadel, approximately 2 kms due west of the railway station. The GPS coordinates for the cemetery are 50.28670, 2.76057

Remembered on
Sutton in Ashfield - Cemetery War Memorial as H Butler
St Mary Magdalene Church, Sutton in Ashfield, War Memorial as Horace Butler

Horace Butler
Person Details
Place of birth Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
Family History
He was the son of
Elizabeth Butler and the son of William, Charles, Jim and Clara Butler.
In 1911
they lived on
Hardwick Lane, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

He was a coal picker on the pit bank above ground in 1911.

Date of death 29 Apr 1917
Age at death 19
Buried or commemorated at
Bay 7.

Commonwealth Grave No
743278 - CWGC Website
Service number R/8338
Rank Rifleman
Military Unit
7th Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps

Remembered on
Sutton in Ashfield - Cemetery War Memorial as H Butler
St Mary Magdalene Church, Sutton in Ashfield, War Memorial as Horace Butler

Remembered on
Sutton in Ashfield - Cemetery War Memorial as H Butler
St Mary Magdalene Church, Sutton in Ashfield, War Memorial as Horace Butler
Genetic testing:
compare my DNA to


My DNA and
my 4 Genetic cousins with Ancestry: Butler:
2 females and 2 males

4th Cousin - Remote Cousin , 27cM - 11cM, Ancestry: Butler
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 37 cM - 9 cM, Ancestry: Butler
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 30 cM - 9 cM, Ancestry: Butler
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 21 cM - 8 cM, Ancestry: Butler
X-match x 1 genetic cousins, Ancestry: Butler

WHE Butterworth - William Henry Edward Butterworth

E Buttery - Edward Buttery

E Buxton - Ernest Buxton

GG Buxton - George Gersham Buxton

FS Byron - Frederick Scott Byron

T Campbell - Thomas Campbell

J Cantwell - Joseph Cantwell

H Carlin - Hilary Carlin

F Carter - Fred Carter

C Caunt - Cecil Caunt

F Caunt - Frederick Caunt

JB Caunt - Jesse Caunt

P Caunt - Percy Caunt

R Caunt - Robert Caunt

R Cawns - Reginald Corns

TG Ceney - Thomas George Ceney

BGW Clark - Bertrand George William Clark

FE Clarke - Francis Edward Scott Clarke

S Clarke - Stanley Clark

JA Clayton - Joseph Anthony Clayton

O Clayton - Arthur Oswald Clayton

WD Clowes - William Dexter Clowes

J Cobb - John Cobb

CF Coleman - Charles Frederick Coleman

G Coleman - George Coleman

FW Coleman - Frank W. Coleman

H Colley - Harry Colley

A Cook - Alfred Cook

H Cook - Harold Cook

A Cooke - Arthur Cooke

H Cooper - H Cooper

W Copestake - William Copestake

A Corson - Albert Edward Corson

AE Cotton - Albert Edward Cotton

S Cotton - Sampson Cotton

A Crampton - Albert Crampton

H Critchlow - Harry Critchlow

TE Crofts - Thomas Edward Crofts

JC Cudworth - John Charles Cudworth

A Cutts - Arthur Cutts

JW Dallinson - John William Dallison

H Davies - Harry Davies

TW Davis - Thomas William Davis

S Day - Sidney Day

S Denby - Samuel Denby

C Dennis - Cyril Dennis

JHT Dennis - John Henry Dennis

JW Dexter - John William Dexter

J Doncaster - James Doncaster

H Dorn - Harry Dorn

A Dove - Archie Dove

E Dove - Ernest Dove

H Dove - Henry Dove

P Dove - Peter Dove

SA Dove - Samuel Adlington Dove

W Dove - William Dove

J Dudley - John Dudley

JW Edwards - John William Edwards

H Egner - Henry Egner

F Evans - F Evans

W Farnsworth - William Farnsworth

H Farrands - Henry Farrands

J Fisher - James Fisher

F Fitchett - Frank Fitchett

A Fowler - A Fowler

JW Fowler - John William Fowler

S Fowler - Samuel Fowler

H Fox - Harry Fox

WJ Fox - Walter James Fox

AE Freeman - Arthur Ernest Freeman

W Freeman - Walter Freeman

A Gannon - Aaron Gannon

G Gascoigne - Charles Gascoigne

GE Geary - George Eli Geary

TJ Gent - Thomas James Gent

H Gibbard - Harry Gibbard

A Gittins - Arthur Gittins

F Godson - Frank Godson

W Godson - William Godson

JT Goodhall - John Thomas Goodall

I Gough - Isaiah Gough

J Grainger - Joseph Grainger

T Greaves - Thomas Greaves

V Greaves - Victor Greaves

CA Green - Charles Alfred Green

AH Gregory - Arthur Gregory

F Gregory - Frank Gregory

S Gregory - Samuel Gregory

T Gregory - John Thomas Gregory

H Groves - Herbert Groves

R Guy - Robert Guy

J Hadfield - Joseph Hadfield

W Hale - William Hale

E Hall - Ernest Hall

H Hall - H Hall

JA Hall - John Arthur Hall

JG Hall - Joseph Gershom Hall

TE Hall - Thomas George Hall

TG Hall - Thomas George Hall

G Hallam - George Hallam

S Hallam - Samuel Hallam

AH Hardy - Albert Harold Hardy

JH Hardy - John Henry Hardy

L Harris - Lancelot Harris

WH Harris - William Harris

F Harrison - Frederick Harrison

W Harrison - Walter Harrison

G Hastings - George Hastings

JR Hatcliffe - John Robert Hatcliffe

H Hawksley - Henry Hawksley

J Hayes - James (Jim) Hayes

L Hayes - Leonard Hayes

S Heath - Samuel Heath

H Heathcote - Harry Heathcote

T Heathcote - Thomas Heathcote

D Hepworth - Douglas Hepworth

HJJ Hepworth - Henry James Jephson Hepworth

F Herring - Frederick Herring

JW Herring - James William Herring

AV Hewitt - Albert Victor Hewitt

CW Hibbards - Charles William Hebbards

E Hinton - Ernest Henry Hinton

G Hinton - George Hinton

S Hodgkinson - Samuel Hodgkinson

L Holland - Luke Holland

J Holmes - John Holmes

GW Holmes - George William Holmes

JC Hooley - James Cartledge Hooley

H Hopkinson - Harry Hopkinson

A Housley - Alfred Housley

H Hunt - Harold Hunt

A Huskinson - Alfred Huskinson

C Hutchinson - Clarence Hutchinson

E Hutchinson - Everett Hutchinson

F Hutchinson - Frank Hutchinson

H Hutchinson - Harry Hutchinson

PCF Hutchinson - Percy Cyril Frank Hutchinson

D Irving - David Irving

FW Jeans - Frederick William Jeanes

E Johnson - Enoch Johnson

H Johnson - Henry Johnson

WH Johnson - William Henry Johnson

M Jones - Maurice Jones

JH Keighley - John Henry Keighley

TA Kerry - Thomas Anthony Kerry

C Kidger - Cyril Kidger

JJ Kirk - John James Kirk

MH Knowles - Matthew Henry Knowles

J Lee - James Lee

DD Leverton - Douglas Dalziel Leverton

J Leverton - Jack Leverton

BC Lilley - Bertie Clarke Liley

G Lockley - Gordon Lockley

W Lowbridge - William Lowbridge

F Mallen - Joseph Frederick Mallen

A Marriott - Albert Marriott

AS Marriott - AS Marriott

F Marriott - Frederick Marriott

G Marriott - George Marriott

A Marsh - Alfred Roebuck Marsh

GW Marsh - George William Marsh

H Marsh - Harold Marsh

J Marsh - James Marsh

RH Marsh - Robert Henry Marsh

LL Marshall - Leslie Marshall

TG Marshall - Thomas Green Marshall

S Martin - Samuel Martin

T Massey - Thomas Massey

W Matchett - William Matchett

B McCubbin - Bertie McCubbin

W McCubbin - William McCubbin

W Meakin - Walter Meakin

C Mellors - Cyril Mellors

A Middleton - Arthur Middleton

A Miller - Albert Miller

CD Miller - Charles Davy Miller

J Miller - Joseph Miller

WE Millership - Wilfrid Edmund Millership

R Mills - Ralph Franklin Mills

A Moore - Arthur Moore

C Moore - Cyril Moore

F Morley - Fred Morley

J Morley - John Morley

JP Morley - Joseph Parsons Morley

E Morrell - Ernest Morrell

MB Morris - Matthew Benjamin Morris

W Morris - Walter Morris

WO Morris - William Owen Morris

J Neal - James Neal

A Newstead - Arthur Newstead

JT Nicholls - John Thomas Nicholls

PH Nightingale - Peter Harold Nightingale

JW North - John North

RD North - Robert Dudley North

W Norwood - William Norwood

AE Oakley - Albert Ernest Oakley

GCK Osborne - George Charles Kennedy Osborne

I Paling - Ira Paling

T Parbutt - Thomas Parbutt

P Parker - Peter Parker

PW Parkes - Peter Wilson Percy Parkes

J Parkin - John Parkin

JW Parnell - John William Parnell

JE Payne - JE Payne

SA Payne - SA Payne

JW Pearce - JW Pearce

S Pemblington - Stephen Pemblington

C Peplow - Charles Peplow

E Pepper - Edwin Pepper

J Pickard - John Pickard

JW Pickbourne - John William Pickbourne

W Picken - Wilfred Harry Picken

WH Potter - William Henry Potter

John E Pryme - John Edward Pryme

Samuel A Pryme - Samuel Pryme

W Pursglove - William Pursglove

A Radford - Alfred Radford

J Radford - James Radford

JG Radford - John George Radford

A Randle - Absalom Randle

T Randle - Thomas Randle

T Randle - Thomas Randle

A Reeves - Arthur Reeves

CJ Reeves - Charles James Reeves

J Reeves - Jesse Reeves

G Renshaw - George Renshaw

B Revill - Bernard Revill

JW Revill - James William Revill

J Revill - John Revill

JT Richards - John Thomas Richards

W Richards - W Richards

JW Richardson - John Wilfred Richardson

PE Richardson - Percy Edward Richardson

LL Riley - Leonard Riley

EC Roberts - Edward Charles Roberts

GW Roberts - George William Roberts

SB Roberts - Samuel Bernard Roberts

CW Robinson - Charles William Robinson

A Rockley - Arthur Rockley

AM Roebuck - Arthur Roebuck

WJ Rogers - William James Rogers

S Ronalds - Stanley Ronalds

ACB Roper - Allen Charles Brooks Roper

JW Roper - John William Roper

AE Sale - Albert Edward Sale

J Sanderson - Jonathan Sanderson

W Sanderson - Walter Sanderson

TT Sargent - Trevor Thomas Sargent

A Saunders - Albert Saunders

AE Saunders - Albert Saunders

JN Saunders - Joseph Nuttall Saunders

J Savage - Joseph Savage

S Saxton - Stanley Saxton

JW Scothern - John William Scothern

A Scott - Alfred Scott

H Scott - Horace Scott

A Searson - Albert Searson

JH Searson - Harry Searson

JH Shardlow - John Herbert Shardlow

A Shaw - Alfred Shaw

S Shaw - Samuel Shaw

S Shawcroft - Samuel Shawcroft

GW Shelton - George William Shelton

H Shooter - Herbert Shooter

S Sills - Samuel Sills

G Simms - George Simms

R Simms - Richard Simms

W Singleton - Walter Singleton

F Sissons - Frank Sissons

CJ Slack - Cecil John Slack

HT Slack - Harold Thomas Slack

HW Slack - Herbert Slack

FJ Slaney - Frederick James Slaney

AL Slater - Alfred Lewis Slater

A Smith - Arthur Smith

C Smith - Cyril Smith

E Smith - Euphrates Smith

SA Smith - Sidney Arthur Smith

W Smith - William Smith

W Smith - W Smith

W Smith - W Smith

A Snaith - Arthur Snaith

S Soar - Samuel Soar

GW Spavound - George William Spavound

H Spencer - Samuel Horace Spencer

WH Spencer - William Henry Spencer

H Squires - Harry Squires

D Staley - Daniel Staley

J Staley - Joseph Staley

G Stendall - George Stendall

J Stendall - Joseph Stendall

JH Stocks - Joseph Henry Stocks

W Stocks - William Stocks

CG Straw - Cyril Carfield Straw

E Swann - Ernest Swann

LL Swindell - Lewis Swindell

WE Tagg - William Ernald Tagg

AE Taylor - Arthur Taylor

GI Taylor - George Isaac Taylor

H Taylor - Harold Taylor

J Thompson - J Thompson

JJ Thompson - John James Thompson

J Thompson - Joseph Thompson

WH Tipping - William Henry Tipping

CE Townsend - Charles Edward Townsend

F Townsend - Fred Townsend

G Townsend - George Townsend

H Trenam - Herbert Trenam

A Turner - Arthur Turner

E Turner - Ernest Turner

EW Turner - EW Turner

H Turner - Harry Turner

HW Turner - Horace William Turner

J Turner - Joseph Turner

R Turner - Robert Turner

W Turner - William Turner

AJ Turpie - Arthur John Turpie

G Turton - George Turton

W Turton - Walter Turton

MH Vardy - Matthew Hiram Vardy

JW Varley - John William Varley

W Wain - William Wain

R Waldron - Robert Waldron

AR Walker - Albert Radford Walker

W Walker - Wilfred Walker

WJ Walker - William James Walker

F Wallace - Frank Wallace

T Wallace - Thomas Wallace

RA Walters - Rowland Arthur Walters

G Walton - George Walton

JG Walton - John George Walton

C Ward - Charles Ward

L Ward - Thomas Leslie Ward

A Wass - Arthur Wass

BA Wass - Bernard Arthur Wass

GH Watson - George H Watson

H Webster - Horace Webster

HW Webster - Horace Webster

GS Wheawall - George Samuel Wheawall

G Whetton - Gershom Whetton

GH White - George Haddon White

GT Whyman - George Taylor Whyman

D Wilcockson - Douglas Wilcockson

G Wildsmith - Gershom Wildsmith

W Wildsmith - Wilfred Wildsmith

W Wildsmith - William Wildsmith

WH Wilkinson - WH Wilkinson

AE Wilks - Arthur Edward Wilks

A Williams - Arthur Williams

WJ Williams - WJ Williams

T Willoughby - Tom Willoughby

TD Wilson - Thomas Douglas Wilson

WW Wilson - Walter William Wilson

SA Wingrove - Sidney Andrew Wingrove

AE Wooley - Arthur Edward Woolley

H Woolsoncroft - Henry Wilsoncroft

J Woolsoncroft - John Wilsoncroft

T Woolsoncroft - Thomas Wilsoncroft

F Wright - F Wright

HG Wright - Henry Gordon Wright
J Young - James Young

My DNA and my 10 genetic cousins YOUNG by FF FTDNA
4th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 33 cM - 10 cM, female (Young), Ancestry: Young
4th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 32 cM - 11 cM, male , Ancestry: Young
4th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 27 cM - 11 cM, male , Ancestry: Young
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 39 cM - 9 cM, male , Ancestry: Young
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 36 cM - 8 cM, male , Ancestry: Young
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 33 cM - 9 cM, female , X-match, Ancestry: Young
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 33 cM - 9 cM, male , Ancestry: Young
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 27 cM - 8 cM, female , X-math Ancestry: Young
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 24 cM - 8 cM, male , Ancestry: Young
5th Cousin - Remote Cousin, 21 cM - 8 cM, female , X-match, Ancestry: Young


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