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Boot = Бут, английская фамилия

Boot = Бут, английская фамилия. на кладбище-кто погибли в годы 2ой Мировой войны С Англии

Я не стала снимать и фотку делать показать это.

На словах: уроженец Саттон-на-Ашфилде, Ноттингемшире, Англия, Великобритания

Погиб в годы 2ой Мировой войны. Там мемориал павшим британским военным.

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Sutton Cemetery, Sutton-on-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

Boot - a surname whom died during WW2

Boot = Бут *on Russian translation and writing

Виктор Бут (on Russian to English) Viktor But
Viktor But - Виктор Бут
Victor Boot - Виктор Бут

Boot - Бут
But - Бут

:: some British, English, Scottish, American men
had left theirs children, their sons too,
in ex-USSR area, ex-Russian Impair area

some "Russians" with "Russian surnames"
are decedents, biological decedents these all men
whom "you fight for us yesterday for us to leave today"
= local men whom had not returned back to England,
died, or decided to stay with local women - mothers of their sons, their daughter as they knew nobody will accept their children and their wives in these local villages places, including own closed family members.

"Why do you have a sex with this Russian woman? she is Russian, not as we are all here, as true-born in UK British women!"

I know this as my own family in Russia had some family history
and a man decided to live in Russia to be Russians
as their own family members would not accept his choice, his wife, his children, - so, all his decedents are Russian Ethnic.

Plenty British men fighted everywhere far from a own land, - they were being aliving living male adults with a normal healthy male physiology, they needed a sex with females, - but Victorian rules grew plenty English women whom hate a sex 0 they shamed to have a sex with males.

Males go to Prositutes to pay money for a permission to have a sex with females.

But when British men came to fight with Russian-Ukrainian males,
they opened a great pleasure to have a sex with plenty local females
or just with someone one,

as these women had another type of mentality, enjoying a sex with males.

After all, a British man had his pregnant lover, he had his wife, he had his children.

He had not died on these fields battles far away from his own home!
He became to be a real man having his own wife and his own children.

So, he had not return back to England
as he had his own home in Russian Impair/Russia/Ukraine/...

as i sure any adult male need his own woman and his own wife much more as a physiology process righter to continue to have just his own mother as his woman - he grew up to have a wife,

his own mother could not be his wife, - she is a wife of her husband.

Plenty mothers can not accept this fact their small son growing to be a real adult male to marry to own his own woman as his wife.

They try to keep their growing adults sons on the positions as their 2-3-4 yo small boys, not seeing the reality:

they are not 2-3-4 small children and boys
they are adult males.

We see plenty "late age marriages"
as some mothers sure their 60++ son are still 2-3-4 small children boy
to marry as all other adults males did a lot time ago back.

More worse situation if a family is a rich
so here some son looked to be obligated "to be a good boy not make their mums to worry"
as this still a financial power on prospects of heritage
and everyday spending.

We saw as as a results, some adults males of British Royalty
picked a free will for a sex , easy women,

as they had been pushed to use prostitutes for money
for a keeping they away from marriages

and after a while this was a type of women as lovers and wives.

We saw a sad story of Princess Diana
as Prince Charles was not able to start to love her as his woman and his wife, as his adult male taste for types of woman had been building already to stay to keep this type.

This was a sad story.

The British Tales about a Cinderella had not worked well
as the men had habits to use prostitutes, easy for sex women.

We saw as Some Potential King in England role,
some British Prince picked their women as their wive,
paying to loss their right to rule as Kings.

In tales, any Prince may picked any young girl from his Kingdom to up to be his wife, The Cinderella tale, - in reality rules for marriage were being as for elite type of cows.

We see not more damages of oldest British rules,
which is a progress, as a fight for own rights and choices.

Look, if someone tried to treat humans as type of cows, bulls, chickens, lambs, - no rights and no choices, no respect,

- this was a wrong and unhuman, rude and cruel.

Look, The British Impair had collapsed and dropped down not to exist any more

as plenty these English-speaking British people, British Officials had been rude to humiliate and command , putting others on a row to be accepted as cows, bulls, lambs, chickens - no rights and no respect and a humiliation.

In a modern day UK , we continue to see to listen to find all this out-dated moral not accept humans as humans, alive living creatures with their own choices.

what had started to be with this "Coronavirus " issies"?

this was and is a heavy drop down of whole old juridical system with human rights and with accepting other people human rights and choices,

we saw in UK as plenty English-speaking in power
enjoyed to play in this new their game
as hunters on humans

we saw plenty playing trying to create a spy-state as spying reporting on each (similar to Hitler's Germany , to Stalin's USSR),
making a living as a living in a ghetto small areas in a Concentration Camp - Whole area UK.

and, while all stayed lockdown, not able to leave their home (some had not any garden to have a fresh air walk) (some had just a studio flat as their home), -- we saw plenty cars on a roads as someone had a permission to do what they wanted and to travel too.

Look, if you have own estate in one place and another far away - you may travel from one your estate to another on a road.

Some British rich families owed lots of properties inside UK and outside UK, so, any lockdown rules can not stop them be able to travel, while others "as more poorest social class" should not leave their home, to be inside locked in cage-homes as chicken on a farm.

You are angry as the level of relationship and attitude had changed dramaticly.

For example.


Express - Tesco, near Travel Lodge in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

2 automatic tills, self-tills
and one working till with a Cashier

The Cashier is a nice looking Blond woman about 30-35-36 yo,
she is looking as a typical local Blond female, a healthy
but... but here the Coronavirus quarantine with the restricts
and with 2 metres of a social distance

So, you worry to contact for so type staff
as they served plenty and a lot during a long shift day
here Travel Lodge Hotel - some clients on move may be infected and so
workers in Express Tesco small shop in a dangerous working place
as condition of their work much too risky: they on 1st row in que to be infected and they may spread the infection from them to others.

This Blond Cashier in Tesco
said - shouted - to another British woman, to their client,
staying with a stick,

i was shocked to listen this command rude attitude
as this was a humilation others as to command to cows not talking with humans:

- Excuse me! Can you came to my till?


"Excuse me!" sounded as a command , as not appropriate at all on a private bussiness aerea to clients, - to buyers.

You go to spend YOUR MONEY to buy
Your money left your pocket to THEIR POCKET.

and their staff whom will receive her money as her salary

More worse,
any may be infected


and any staff of any shop too
and Any Nurse, any Medical Doctor GP, any GO,
and any whom works inside a busy travel shops , too.

I mean,

if she was an infected (so said not this "May I serve you, Madam?" offer, but a rude loud command "Excuse me! Go to my till!" ???

to ... Lady ? to a customer ?? to a buyer?

Someone had did this blond Lady Cashier busy, asking the serve the return back shopping.

Probably, each normal human would return back their shopping if they would listen these EXCUSE ME! GO TO MY TILL!

as this is NOT a style in a private trade sale industry at all.

This customer had not replied at all, just making "NO" by a body language

and paid in the automatic till

for her shopping.

There are much too many numbers of died in UK,
much too many died in British hospitals too.

Plenty people sat down inside their home,
shocked, stressed.

They wear a mask, - you not able to breeze properly,
making a shortage of Oxigen,
make not a comfortable feelings,

some had cardiac problem, astma problem,
plenty people had some stress and shock on way of events

and this is so RUDE typical BRITISH attitude TO OTHERS

some all BRITISH RUDE SADISTIC ATTITUDE TO OTHERS which RUINED their BRITISH IMPAIR -- people of other Ethnic Groups said their NO we do not would like to have "these BRITISH RUDE ENGLISH_SPEAKING LADIES! with their rude loud commands to others with not any respect other people rights, human right.

I mean The British Impair had collapsed
to shrink to a size UK , the island England.

Plenty Scottish Ethnic people had not their wish
to keep the union with these English-speaking true-born in England British people, enjoying to play in their sadistic games with humans, - to command, to humilate, to low down, to damage till tears,

Scotland and Scottish people had said their NO WE DO NOT WISH TO STAY WITH THESE WHOM TREAT ALL OTHERS as own cows without any rights.

Plenty British Officials worked in British prisons might be recruited to go to serve British shops,

so, they picked their commanded rude attitude to British priosoners (some British staff worked in American Guantamo prison in Cuba, and, while British laws named any torture of human as not accepted and a crime, - they committed their crimes as "allies of USA duties",

- they returned back to UK, having a damage if their brain and attitude and manners, - they may accepted by a private trade sector to work in British shops as a security guards, CCTV Officers, Cashiers, Customer Service staff, - as they pushed to be respectable (to break British Laws to commit a crime to torture humans in a prison Guantamo in Cuba , helping to do all dirty black work which American Citizens would find so dirty and shame to do), - they returned back, they had their 5***** 5 Star Loyalty to make any order, accepted which broken British Laws and British attitude, too, as American order to do.

But when you are a customer to go to spend your money to buy something in UK, - you have this horrible shocking experience as a customer

as no one except your human rights and choices,

each smallest 5st Stars staff in any British shop may try to humiliate you, to command you

and you may saw to notice as some British Security staff, Cashier, enjoyed to play their game as HUNTERS ON HUMANS

as their main real old profession was HUNTERS ON HUMANS

and you feel them some way as "BUTCHERS" on humans.

Look, - they all stressed shocked too, - they all are 1st in a que as on 1st row to be infected.

No one wants to work here
as each these people
1st in que to be infected
- they may die
- they may ill, they may be infected, they may died
- they knew this, changed their attitude to all others

Is this a normal to ask to go closed of 2 meter distance if a pandemia
and each may be infected?

not ask - to command

But if this blond Lady 30th+ had been infected?
with a temperature already,
on a gap of a high temperature?

This is not a British standard for trade private business attitude
to upset a customer, a client, shouting and humiliating and command as YOU ARE THE STAFF OF TESCO EXPRESS STAYING IN TILLS?

British people would said

- May I serve you, Madam?
- May I serve you, Sir?

- Would you like me to serve your, Lady?
- Would you like me to serve me, dear Sir?
- Would you like me to serve you?


TESCO EXPRESS staff Cashier loudly shouted
to a lady, working with a stick and a basket to till



Whom are a Briton, may easy to noticed things
as not acceptable at all here as the attitude to buyers, customers, clients, and between humans or ladies, too.

I noticed this blond woman as not 1st time making all some things
and may be she was just ill by something.

To see as a client going to pay a money through a till
and to start to shout to humilate this client.

I will say why.

I was this woman, when i opened a juice pack from TESCO EXPRESS
the silver metallic cover had been damaged.

someone had opened each juice pack.


i had a choice to pick all 3 packs of Tesco juice
and to bring back, asking the refund.

So, she might shouted me, trying to push not make refund (some other women did this on something i was here).

You are not able after this attitude to go to make a complain as this mean to have a chat with this rude woman.

I was shocked.

the metallic cover had been opened damaged in 1 one pack
and no any cover inside at all on 2 other juice packs

I mean
someone had opened each juice pack to pick out the metallic cover out
and just 1 pack had this this but damaged as opened prepared to be picked out.

You may not accept this to drink after all.

But i tried, each juice pack.

the taste if juice was some as should be

no one poisoned me, so, i am alive.

so, someone needed just to collect these metallic cover inside, collecting metallic fouls rounds.

But better not buy these now
as much too risky

no one able to say this would be safe.

- Я к тому: глупо вытягивать Виктора Бута с американской тюрьмы по обмену в Россию ~ Тигги (26.07.20 22:27)
- Я, наверное, даже могу это сделать: сфоткать + в брошюру = послать. Но не обещаю: деньги (-) ~ Тигги (26.07.20 22:28)
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