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3rd word about 2nd January 2019

1st word about 9th January 2019

2nd word about 2nd January 2019

3rd word about 2nd January 2019

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1st word about 9th January 2019

It was 9-2-2019
on a wall shades and a voice said my name Inna!
(*if to up a sound record till 35 DB twice in sound editor Audaticy which I had used)
now nothing on the wall, dissapaired.
This was as a long cocoon of light shade
with a dark shade inside
left side dark shaded corner was nor big size
and this looked as not moving, connected to a light shaded cocoon inside of a long cocoon
while all as a light shaded long cocoon and other right end of dark shade inside were moving.

The light shaded long cocoon looked as it would be an alive breeze as people breezed the air in-out
making their limbs to move.

The move of the dark shaded area inside of a light shaded cocoon looked differently
making or darked bigger and lighter as this shade would moved near to a barrier of a visibility and out from a barrier of a visualize or moving up-down inside or a cocoon of a light shade.

The cocoon and a something inside and as a system of a live protection safety idea for cosmonaut, astronauts,
and the idea of a life developing system (natural (insects, butterflies, etc, or technical medical).

The shape of a cocoon as a some soft long filled was similar to idea of a male penis of the strange not Homo Sapience male penises shapes just.

Or, if to look from a distance from another point of a view, this would be as shapes of lips when a light cocoon would be shaped lips form area, and a dark area a shade between two lips.

Some shape may be and for some sort of UFO traveling system across (time traveler? distance traveler?) as the idea of somethings having a soft protection of cocoon area "coat".

I do not know if a play of shades making this illusion in a chance the odds, or it was as something and messages as or just.

I saw this on the wall for a while less righter 24 hours, about less righter 12 hours or less or near 8 hours.

I think this might be a shade of the electrical wipe as a main resource but as this electrical wipe had not moved and was a solid area for the electrical light on the kitchen, some Magic just used this as the base of Magician performance to express herself-his-theirs thoughts and ideas.

The work of the sound record visualization by a double 35 DB upping sound level had opened words of unseen
"Inna!" (my name)
"Privet!" (Hello! Hi! on Russian)
"Go to join (me/us)!"
still something more what i was not able to clear to realize to understand, some unknown words for me.

I had not been able to listen words of unseen without the use of a work with this by EKF Audaticy amplied 35DM twice for sound record technique.

I had not listened anything telekinetic too, while tried, nothing sounded in my head as words of someone (or my own too).

I tried to make a telepathic message asking Whom are you? Nothing was the answer.

I may be mistaken confusing to think this may be an alien form life, tried to contact.

There were being just plenty small little knocks on the kitchen sometimes, as someone unseen would knocked lightly about plenty surfaces of a walls, a metallic kitchen big jar, in packs of biscuits, but this was not all times, but some periods and stopped all again.


2nd word about 2th January 2019

I will add more. I had some strange event here on a previous date 2nd January 2019 when it was a shocking magic scene started from a sound dzink! as a bell of a glass and a glass top from a glass jar on a distance 2 meters from me on a kitchen table started suddenly moving and flied on the air and landed safe soft on the floor about 50-70 centimeters from ma, making a flight in the air about 1 meter 50 centimeters in air.

Nobody had been here, nobody did this. I looked at the screen of my computer watching a video as Julia Po said shocked stressed things about prediction of 2019 events and i was shocked upset stressed she said each of you whom is an alive here now had gave your permission prior your birth to be a birth here now to have all what you knew as coming in your life time for you here!

I was upset as this sounds as she or someone decided "to watch own hands" from any tasks to save human lives".

and when i had this, a really upset inside my heart from everything as words to put people (and me) in a fears with "you deserve all as knew all prior your birth!" = this sounding as "no help!"

something had broke inside my heart
and it was a DZINK! a bell sound of a glass! and a glass jar round top had started to flight in the air as a smallest UFO round plate.

It was nothings no any linked surface


just a small round glass top had flied on own a distance 1 meter 50 centimeters (about 59-60 inches)

as for a glass jar staying on a distance 2 meters from me.

The glass jar had not broke, ladling soft safety on the floor surface.

You know, a Miracle!

It was not me. I watched Youtube recorded video.

The sound record with a double 35 DB amplying technique for a sound record presented voice of unseen
saying me my name "Inna!" (I smiled happily listened this and i stay happy, a smiling).

I am thinking probably my home ghosts in this old 1894 year old building were able to see my emotions, words, thoughts
and they tried to up me,

especially as i just tried to make the experience of the telekinesis with this glass jar on 1st January 2019:

I used to put a soft white cotton ball inside a glass jar, to close a top and to try to make a white cotton ball to flight to move inside.

I had used and to put the energy from may palms and my fingers inside and to make round -a-round--rounds move with my hope to move a white cotton ball to move around.

Nothing worked at all! Nothing! It was 1st January 2019 day.

3rd word about 2nd January 2019

So, when the glass top of some glass jar suddenly started to flight sofly slowly and landed on the floor safe after 1m 50sm flight distance, i was expression to think 1st this my old telekinetic experience with some glass jar had such echo-back side effect, starting the flight move not on the time i tried to make this but on own after some time after.

Just as i did a sound record straight and the unseen voice came in a record as "Inna!" (my name to me),

I realized someone looked all my attempts to make a telekinesis experience with the glass jar and as I was upset looking a video emotionally, someone just tried to up my mood

and to show me way as Look! this is a FLIGHTING! levitation! everything is possible!

Plenty people now tried to make a telekinesis experience or a levitation experience.

I had tried and i could not, which is a really strange i remember my night dreams as a child and i had flied, walking up-down

I had saw my color night dream as an adult too, and I easy flied up-down in air by using my brain wish as a power to move down-up-in front. and my arms as a stabilization of a flight softly.

I remember me myself in my color night dream as a reality look. I flighted and it a darkness of evening came already and everything was so small on the ground and i looked for the electrical items, wipes, not to flight to be beaten of my body. I remember some houses of a village were being on the ground and trees.

But when I waked up, i never was able to flight as inside my night dreams.

People said me probably our souls visited Thin World Places areas while we are sleeping and so our souls or our body in Thin World area may flight as so not heavy.

I remember while I flighted in air in my body, my body had sizes and weight or a mass in that my night dreams experiences.

Some people said and show themselves as flying in their bodies in this our World. But when I had tried, I could not. My weight had not let me to do so. I tried a telekineses with some unsuccessful on 1st January 2019 date.

I do not know whom moved a glass top of a glass jar on 2nd January 2019 date: not me, i sat down on a distance 2 meters from this glass jar and i watched youtube video and listen and put all my attention to know events for 2019 years by Julia Po words.

So, someone else was, someone else, unseen, he did this, he said "Inna!" and he tried to open my attention on his presence while he was an unseen. and this unseen may put a telekinetic flight so he did this.

While me as i could not do this still could not do this. all the some.

Полёт над Гнездом Кукушки, Англия, 09-01-2019, 3

Ghost on a kitchen 09-01-2019 Привидение на кухне
photos + mp3 (фото + аудио)


Если б я ещё знала, что это такое я сняла
на стене кухне

Полупрозрачный кокон, вытянутый

тёмная тень меняюшая формы


и голова как заклёпка

на конец

и это ещё как дышало
как живое

звуков не было
телепатию попробывала, не получилось

Что такое не знаю

Полутень тень

Выглядит как живое что-то

Фотки и видео сделала. Звукозаписи сделала.

Полёт над Гнездом Кукушки, Англия, 09-01-2019, 3б

1st word about 9th January 2019

2nd word about 2nd January 2019

3rd word about 2nd January 2019

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